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At NJ Laminates we believe in re-purposing office products. There are many products that can be recycled. Such as plastics and metals, but some cannot like work surfaces. We re-purpose work surfaces by having the existing laminate sanded down and removed, to ensure new laminates adhesion. This is possible with our therm o web laminating process. When using a green work surface, 80% of the item is saved! The edge-banding is removed and recycled! It's made out of PVC and a new edge-banding is applied. So virtually a new work surface is made and 80% of it did not end up going into a landfill. It’s truly astounding to see the amount of office furniture that’s being wasted each year. According to United States EPA estimates, up to 8.5 million tons, or 17 billion pounds, of office assets end up in US landfills annually. Ask about our exchange program and order your work surface in advance to be green. If you are updating or moving, now is the time to re-purpose!

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